The Trustees
The Company

The number of people being scammed out of their pension is rapidly increasing

We have developed the
Pension Scam Predictor Tool to help someone identify, within 5 minutes, if they are about to fall victim to a pension scam.

Pension scams are a huge problem

in the UK

How the Pension Scam Predictor Tool


Pension Scheme Members

1 – Check the validity of the financial advisor

Most members do not have a regular financial advisor and will either find one using a search engine or they will be contacted directly. The scam prediction tool will help them identify if the advisor is legitimate.

2 – Identify issues with language used by the advisor

The tool will help flag up what may be innocent sounding language or claims, but could actually have a malicious intent.

3 – Added layer of protection for members

Adds a layer of protection to give confidence on the validity of the transfer.

The Trustees

1- Protection in the event of a claim by the member

If a member gets scammed, they are likely to look for blame. Providing access to the tool provides a layer of protection to the Trustees in the event of a claim.

2 – Fulfil your duty of care

Helps Trustees fulfil the duty of care they have over their members and also helps members feel that the Trustees are looking out for their interests.

3 – Collect real time data on issues members may be facing

The tool us able to collect scheme specific data so the Trustees can see what answers people are giving.

The Company

1 – Employees may expect a duty of care

Not all pension schemes
have Trustees, so the scheme member may feel there is an onus on the employer to ensure they don’t get scammed.

2 – Support and paternalism will be valued

Members will value the support that the Company are providing in the event they want to transfer.

3 – Real time data on potential transfer activity

The tool can collect responses provided by scheme members to help identify which advisors people are using.

How the Pension Scam Predictor Tool



The beauty of the tool is in its simplicity. We ask innocent sounding questions, which ultimately could have a very different meaning if someone was trying to scam you.


The tool will ask around 20 questions and takes less than 5 minutes to complete. The questions on the face of it, are not difficult.


Each version of the tool will be personalised to the pension scheme, the pension administrators, the Trustees and the Company.


After answering the questions, the user will get a scam prediction score, where the tool will give a % rating as to the
likelihood of their pension being a scam.

Get real-time analytics on the pension scam

scores your members are getting

One of the key features of the tool is that it will provide you with real-time analytics showing the scores that people are getting.  

This will help identify any specific trends, such as:

  • is there a specific Advisor that has ‘got in’ to the scheme membership


  • how are your scheme members typically being approached


  • what ‘promises’ are Advisors giving the member


  • are non-typical investment options being presented to scheme members


The real-time analytics will allow you to react quickly to any emerging trends and ensure mitigations are put in place.

Want to see how the Pension Scam Tool can

protect your scheme members?

If you would like to try the tool or receive a demo, please email, phone or book an appointment for a demo.


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